The coast guard keeps an eye on the sea

Coast guard

Policy Division (Mobility and Public Works)

Katrien Van Meerbeeck, legal expert with Policy Division:

“Within the Coast Guard, we take an active part in policy-making. We follow European initiatives that are of importance to the Coast Guard, ranging from regulations over policy to projects. In case of shortcomings in nautical regulations, we help find an appropriate solution. In this way we contribute to the efficient working of all coast guard partners and to safe and efficient shipping traffic. ”

Katrien Van Meerbeeck

Policy Division aims at safe and efficient shipping traffic on Belgian fairways. The division takes part in nautical and technical consultations and follows all regulation related to the Flemish ports, fairways and shipping traffic. It voices Flanders’ point of view on European and international level and translates international and European laws into Flemish policy, paying special attention to the accessibility of ports.

An easily accessible port is crucial to be able to compete with ports abroad. That is why Policy Division builds up logistic expertise. Together with the agency for Maritime and Coastal Services and Maritime Access Division, they ensure an efficient provision of services for shipping traffic and the ports. For the Scheldt area, the division works in cooperation with the Netherlands.